He was left red-faced last week when CCTV footage of him being arrested was released.

And things are about to get even WORSE for Justin Bieber as the video of him exposing himself while giving a urine sample are set to be made public. Awks.

But to save just one, tiny iota of his dignity, judges have ruled that his genitalia will be ‘censored’, to prevent total and utter humiliation.

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In what is a major relief for us as well as for him, the star’s penis will NOT be on show, but we WILL be treated to the glorious sight of the superstar whipping it out in front of the Miami police.

Biebs was hoping that the District Attorney would rule against the release of the *very* intimate video, but it seems that he’s allowing the five remaining tapes to be made available.

But he made it clear that any intimate images must be completely censored before they enter the public arena. Phew.

The county judges said in court: “Mr. Bieber’s right to privacy is paramount. He has not lost his right to privacy, and that is what is important here.”

Justin has already suffered the embarrassment of having the footage of his sobriety test released - showing him trying (and failing) to walk in a straight line.

Another CCTV clip showed the Baby singer doing press-ups in his cell to pass the time, as you do.

And this week, the Miami police also released a series of shots of the star’s sizable array of tattoos, that were snapped during his arrest.

But despite the embarrassment, Justin seemed in a good mood on Tuesday as he tweeted to his fans that he was feeling good.

He wrote: “Loving life.”

Rather you than us, Beibs.