She’s been rocked tonight by shocking footage of her sister Solange attacking her husband at the Met Gala.

And there’s yet more confusion over Beyonce’s marriage to Jay-Z tonight after it appears that she HAS had her IV tattoo removed.

Reports just a few weeks back suggested the global popstar had had the tattoo she dedicated to her husband (to symbolise their birthdays and their wedding date) removed.

And now new photos of the power couple from this weekend appear to show a SCAR on her ring finger where her tattoo once sat.


Beyonce, who was hanging out at the basketball with her husband on Saturday, is clearly not wearing her whopper of an engagement ring in the courtside snaps - and on closer inspection she looks to be nursing a nasty red scar in its place.

Just a few weeks ago she posted a picture of herself eating chicken on her Tumblr, with a plaster over that same finger.

One blog recently claimed she has had the tattoo lasered off - after she first had it done back in 2010 as a committment of their love.

Meanwhile just hours ago footage of Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles kicking and attacking Jay-Z in a lift at the Met Gala surfaced on TMZ.

The odd clip appears to show Solange throwing herself kicking and screaming at Jay-Z inside a lift at the bash in New York, before being pulled away by security.

Attacking him again, Solange proceeds to kick and punch Jay-Z two more times before security get a hold of her properly.

Beyonce can be seen standing beside Jay-Z throughout, but at no point appears to intervene.

Security can be seen hitting the emergency ‘stop’ button midway through their kerfuffle, although it’s unclear how the fight started or ended.

The trio eventually left the building together, with Beyonce and Solange getting into one car and Jay-Z getting into another - but not before initially heading towards the same car.

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