X Factor's Tulisa Expecting Hopefuls To Throw 'Hissy Fits', Denies Get Songs Chosen For Them


Tulisa has defended the X Factor auditions process amid fears of the emotional state of hopefuls who will be seen taking to the stage performing in front of the judges.

Speaking to us at the X Factor press launch yesterday, the star, who is has returned to the show for a second year after winning the show with her group, Little Mix, revealed that whilst some hopefuls might get upset with receiving negative criticism from the judges, there are thousands who graciously accept the feedback they are given.

The feisty judge said: "At the end of the day there is always going to be the odd person that throws this massive hissy fit and everyone goes 'Oh my God' and there are thousands of people over the years who have auditioned and just because this one person can't control their temper, throws a bit of a fit, I don't think it's a reason for everyone to go 'Oh my God, you've got to think about their emotions'."

The star also stated that the judges don't have control over what the hopefuls sing.

She added: "As far as I am concerned that is not the case. Nobody gets told what to sing, it's their audition at the end of the day."

Weighing in on the auditions process and revealing that the hopefuls have 100% power over what they sing in their audition, executive producer of The X Factor, Richard Holloway said that every "act comes to the show with five songs prepared.

"All the contestants that go in front of the judges, they're all spoken to by the production team as they have to get all the tracks to play so the conversation takes place between them and us about what they want to sing and they go through their choices and the final decision about what they are going to sing when they walk on the stage is theirs, 100% theirs."

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