The X Factor: X-rated moments

The Most Scandalous X Factor Moments of All Time

It's been the biggest TV show in the UK for the best part of a decade so it's no surprise that over the years, The X Factor has been caught up in some scandalous moments. Here are omg!'s biggest X rated X Factor moments.

Katie Waissel's Grandmother

Prima donna Katie Waissel managed to cause her fair share of scandal during her time on the show including the outlandish claim that she had been sleeping with eventual winner Matt Cardle. However, this alleged admission paled in comparison when it was exposed that Katie's Grandmother was a mature vice girl. Sheila Vogel-Coupe had been secretly working as a prostitute for years, unbeknownst to Katie and her family. After the Waissel clan disowned Granny, Sheila went on to pursue a celebrity career- even hiring Max Clifford as her publicist.

Dannii and Simon sitting in a tree

Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue. Copyright [WENN[Our jaws dropped earlier this year when it was revealed that Dannii Minougue and Simon Cowell had been doing the dance with no pants during her first year on the show. Granted, this scandal would have been a lot more shocking if it had been exposed earlier but it did make Sharon Osbourne's unprovoked hatred toward Dannii a lot more understandable. Playboy Simon held his hands up to the affair when it was revealed in an unauthorised biography of his life while Dannii managed to maintain a dignified silence over the matter.

Cocozza drugs scandal

Frankie Cocozza. Copyright [WENN]Last year untalented yoof Frankie Cocozza spent more time partying and bragging about his conquests than he did singing on the show. Even bagging himself a D-list lay in the form of Geordie Shore's Hollie, Frankie's rock and roll lifestyle came to a crashing holt when he was overheard bragging about taking cocaine. Producers promptly kicked Frankie off the show and was replaced by his rumoured ex-flame-come-bullet-dodger Amelia Lily.

Tulisa and THAT tape

TulisaRiding on the wave of her debut year success with Little Mix, it seemed that nothing could hold judge Tulisa back from becoming the next Cheryl Cole- that is until a certain video surfaced on the internet. Filmed with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards from when she was 17-years-old, the video went viral, threatening to undo all the good work she had down during her time on the show. To add insult to injury, the sex tape was released ahead of Tulisa's actual video for debut single 'Young' and probably got more hits. Still, Tulisa had the last laugh, winning her court case against Justin, keeping her judges seat and scoring a solo number one. Job done.