X Factor USA's Simon Cowell Confirms Show Will Have Two Hosts

30 June 2012
X Factor USA's Simon Cowell Confirms Show Will Have Two Hosts
X Factor USA's Simon Cowell Confirms Show Will Have Two Hosts

Simon Cowell has confirmed that the new series of the X Factor USA will be fronted by two hosts.

Following the departure of Steve Jones from the show last year, rumours have been rife ever since over who will replace him.

With the X Factor USA judging panel all set up, Simon decided to reveal his plans for who will front the show by confirming that there will be two hosts this year.

The media mogul, who had offered the presenting job to Nicole Scherzinger before making her a judge on the show last year, said: “I want to work with a boy and girl and I definitely think this is a role for two people.”

Not wanting to give anything away, Simon added: “I can't say who it is -  but they have narrowed it down to 5 people. As far as I'm concerned, and I don't think it's going to change, it will be a boy and girl and neither of them will have hosted before.”

Explaining his decision to have two hosts on the show, Simon continued: “If you count, which I did, over a two hour show, we separated what the host says on his own and it's 12 minutes and  a lot of that is quite boring information.

“There are ways of saying things a bit more interesting and I think it will make sense if I do what I want to do. There are ways of relaying information that doesn't become like a news readers role. Because of legals You have to get over a lot of information.

“When the hosts are facing four judges, I think it's very intimidating and you don't have that backup and I think you need another opinion. We started Idol with two people. What happened in America is that it ended up with one because they didn’t get the right second person. I always thought it was a two person job.”

What do you think? We can't wait to hear who will be taking the roles as hosts on the X Factor USA!

Simon Cowell Unveils New The X Factor USA Judges

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