X Factor Shake-Up! Simon Cowell To Expose Voting Figures During Live Results Shows?


This year's X Factor might be coming to an end soon but Simon Cowell has reportedly already started to think about how to shake up next year's series of the popular ITV1 talent TV show.

With various reporting that the shake-up could include the judges (remember the report that Mel B was going to replace Nicole Scherzinger?), a new report by The Sun has claimed that Simon Cowell now wants to expose the voting figures live on the results show that take place every week.

Following the public's outcry over the elimination of Ella Henderson over the weekend, a source claimed:

"If the viewers knew popular acts like Ella and James Arthur were pulling in low numbers of votes it would encourage them to pick up the phone.

“Revealing the voting numbers each week has really brought a new dynamic to the US show."

The source added: “Simon is looking to introduce it in the UK next year as part of a major shake-up.”

Whilst Simon is working on shaking up the show, it has also been reported that he is working on signing up Ella. An insider told The Sun: "Ella is the most exciting thing to have come out of this year's X Factor.

"Simon can't believe she got the boot, but he's not losing any sleep over it as he can see the pound signs in his eyes. He's confident Syco will get her, but if she goes elsewhere within Sony he's still quids in."

What do you think? Should the voting results be revealed every week?

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