WATCH: X Factor USA's Demi Lovato Brands Simon Cowell An 'A******' On TV

19 September 2012

There's aren't many people who can use expletives against TV supremo Simon Cowell, but Demi Lovato has proved that she is one that can after she branded her X Factor USA fellow judge a "bit of an a******".

Appearing on Conan together on Monday, Demi showed that she was a force to be reckoned with when TV host Conan O'Brien goaded Simon to call Demi "very annoying".

Responding to Simon's comments about her, Demi told the media mogul: "You can be a bit of an a*****", to which Simon replied:

"I'm used to it!"

WATCH: X Factor USA's Demi Lovato Brands Simon Cowell An 'A******' On TV
WATCH: X Factor USA's Demi Lovato Brands Simon Cowell An 'A******' On TV

Demi also jokingly hit out at Simon's choice of attire when he does TV interviews. Commenting on Simon's decision to wear shirts exposing the majority of his hairy chest! Eww!

She told Conan: "We're trying to reach a younger demographic and I just don't feel like we're going to accomplish that when he's showing more cleavage than Britney and I are."

Quick to answer back, Simon said: "Well, then show some more cleavage."

However, Demi wasn't going to heed to his advice and shot back: "I'm good thank you."

We heart these two!

Check out the clip!

What do you think?

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