WATCH: Justin Bieber Surprises Fans With Performance In The Back Of A Van

WATCH: Justin Bieber Surprises Fans With Performance In The Back Of A Van

Justin Bieber is all about his fans, so imagine their delight when the superstar surprised them once again with an impromptu performance of his latest hit 'Boyfriend' from the back of a van.

The 18 year old was all set to perform on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Wednesday (June 27), however the 'Baby' singer still had time to stop by and perform the track for a group of supporters waiting outside the studio. Awww!

Accompanied by a guitarist, Biebs treated fans to an acoustic version of the global hit, then drove off leaving them shocked and screaming, not believing that they'd just got such an 'up close' glimpse of their idol!

Bieber's always shown his love and appreciation for his ever-growing army of followers...however, last week wasn't the case as the singer was filmed blasting his fans for being 'impatient' and 'not very respectful' while he waited at an airport for girlf Selena Gomez.

Aaaah, is he forgiven Beliebers??

Check out Bieber's street performance of 'Boyfriend' below:

Meanwhile, with millions of girls around the world falling at his feet and claiming to be in love with him, it's no surprise that Justin Bieber is a novice when it comes to getting his heartbroken.

The 'Boyfriend' singer, who is currently dating Selena Gomez, has admitted that he's never in the position where he can really say that he's suffered heartbreak but admits that really he's a little young.

Justin Bieber wows crowds in Mexico!

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