WATCH: Jay-Z Goes Back To His Hometown Brooklyn In Barclays Centre Documentary

CFI / Splash NewsCFI / Splash News

While he was no doubt receiving plenty of lavish gifts for his 43rd birthday yesterday, Jay-Z decided to give back to his fans by releasing his long-awaited Life + Times documentary.

The 24-minute clip follows the 'Clique' rapper as he prepared for the launch of Brooklyn's new Barclay Centre where he also performed eight sold-out shows in October.

WATCH: Jay-Z Goes Back To His Hometown Brooklyn In Barclays Centre DocumentaryWATCH: Jay-Z Goes Back To His Hometown Brooklyn In Barclays Centre Documentary

Not everyone's familiar with Jay-Z - an elderly lady sat next to him on the subway and had no idea (CFI/Splash News)

The hip-hop mogul grew up in the Marcy area of the district, so being involved in the development of the venue was close to Jay's heart, hence why he has chronicled the months leading up to the launch in the new documentary.

A bulk of the clip shows Jigga man rehearse for the set of shows and test out the lighting and sound with his small entourage. Similar to his wife Beyonce, Jay-Z appears to have a direct input into his shows and how they will appear to the audience, not hesitating to tell his team what he thinks needs changing.

In addition to testing out the freshly-built basketball court, which is now the new home to the Brooklyn Nets, formerly known as the New Jersey Nets, Jay-Z can be seen riding the subway to one of his own concerts at the venue, hilariously encountering an elderly lady who was unaware of his superstar status.

"Are you famous?" the woman named Ellen asked, to which Jay-Z responded: "Yes. Not very famous, you don't know me... but I'll get there someday."

When the rapper told her he was performing at the new Barclays Centre that night, Ellen replied: "Oh fabulous," before telling him she was "proud" he had chosen to use public transport.

By the end of their conversation, Ellen realised that she knew the famous man sitting next to her, saying: "Oh, you're Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z."

Watch the full-length documentary below...

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