Vanessa Hudgens Blasts Co-Star Selena Gomez? Suggests She's 'Only Famous Because Of Justin Bieber'


A feud has apparently broken out between 'Spring Breakers' stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez over a magazine feature, according to new reports that say 'Vanessa won't let it go'. Ooo-er!

The fight allegedly started when Selena Gomez was chosen to be in the 2013 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue, whilst Vanessa Hudgens didn't get chosen and is supposedly 'furious' over the whole thing, according to Star Magazine. Oh dear...

The source added, “Especially since she has a much bigger part in 'Spring Breakers' than Selena does.”

More bothersome than having a bigger role in their movie, Vanessa’s pal revealed, is that “She’s convinced that dating Justin Bieber is giving Selena the edge.”

And Vanessa has even apparently gone as far as to say that Selena's success is JUST because of her superstar boyfriend Justin Bieber...

According to sources, “[Vanessa] has been saying that if she was still with Zac, she would have gotten into the magazine [Vanity Fair Hollywood] the same way Selena got in because of Justin.” Oh dear!

Hopefully the pair can work it all out before their promotinal tour for 'Spring Breakers' starts next year...stay tuned for further updates.

Meanwhile, not only has Ms. Gomez made a name for herself in pretty much every area in the showbiz world possible, it seems like following her long-term relationship with Biebs, she's keen to help fellow superstar Taylor Swift in the love area as well and led to T-Swizzle going to Sel for advice over current BF Conor Kennedy.

And although the country star has kept her latest romance on the 'down low', Rolling Stone Magazine asked Taylor whether Selena and Justin's successful romance was anything to do with her latest conquest, to which she simply said: "Probably"

There's no stopping her! Is there anything that Selena CAN'T do?!

Selena & Vanessa walk the red carpet together

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Vanessa Hudgens Blasts CoStar Selena Gomez? Suggests She's 'Only Famous Because Of Justin Bieber'