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Unlimited Champagne, Rita Ora And VIPs Aplenty: P Diddy Rocks London

19 November 2012

Nothing short of bling would be used to describe P.Diddy’s official London party last night at Dstrkt London with Rita Ora, model girlfriend Cassie and unlimited champagne on the menu.

The bad boy superstar jetted into London from Paris to host a one off party at the popular celebrity haunt and hundreds of people were scrambling to get in. Although the event was strictly invitation or tables only (minimum spend probably 5k) fortunately for us Entertainmentwise had the privilege of attending.

The star of the night was fashionably late arriving in style. Dark shades, a slick haircut, fur - not to mention the ultimate accessory model and singer Cassie on his arm. The couple were spotted whispering and laughing to each other throughout the evening.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a Diddy party without a host of celebrity friends as Vin Diesel, Tyreese and girl of the moment Rita Ora also turned up to party in style.

Roc Nation’s British princess Rita Ora looked cool as usual as she sat in in V.I.P drinking Dom Peringnon from the bottle (classy bird!). Dancing the night away, she definetley loved the attention as she put on a pair of shades and rapped along to Jay-Z songs to make her presence known.

Diddy isn’t the king of party’s for nothing, as he stood on a sofa and rocked the mic all night making everyone feel involved. In true Diddy fashion it was a Champagne shower that would put Jay-Z to shame, as numerous bottles of Armand De Brignac, and Dom Peringnon champagne and his brand blue dot Ciroc vodka were bought to the table. At one point the rapper began handing out over twelve bottles of the champagne to be passed round to faces in the crowd as he shouted "DRINKS ON ME TONIGHT! GET YOURSELF BOTTLE, PASS ‘EM ROUND!"

Diddy must of drank the bar dry as the staff began to bring out the cheaper stuff later on, however Moet just wouldn’t do. The rapper shouted "I’m sorry, no disrespect to Moet but that’s not how we do it, take those back and bring out the expensive Sh*t. Ya’ll need to get your presentation right!"

It wasn't all about his VIP mates either as at one point Diddy shouted: "Give them out to all the people who ain’t in V.I.P, everyone say F*ck V.I.P!!"

Ever the perfect host, Diddy made sure to get everyone involved as he shook hands and took pictures with those pushing and shoving to catch a glimpse of him. He even stood on his car outside the club to make a speech for those who couldn’t get in before taking his entourage back to an after party at his hotel. What a night!

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