Has 'Twilight' Become Real? Villagers Say Vampire On The Loose In Serbia


'Twilight' may be top of the box-office charts, but worryingly for those who like their necks undrained of blood, a vampire is reportedly on the loose in Serbia.

According to The Torrington Register Citizen, the villagers of Zarozje have taken to putting garlic  in their pockets and crosses in their rooms amid rumours that a legendary vampire ghost is on the loose.

All sounds a bit more unpleasant than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's vamp based love story that came to a conclusion in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'.

The villagers are reportedly scared of Sava Savanovic, even though his status as Serbia's leading vampire is based on myth.

The attitude of the villagers is reportedly one of worried scepticism, with one 55-year-old housewife telling The Citizen that, "The story of Sava Savanovic is a legend, but strange things did occur in these parts back in the old days,"  apparently while holding a string of garlic in one hand and a big stake in the other.

She added: "We have inherited this legend from our ancestors, and we keep it alive for the younger generations."

Some eyebrows have been raised as to whether the villagers alleged terror at getting bitten is a not so subtle ruse to attract tourism. However the local council has reportedly advised villagers not to go without their garlic.

Whatever the truth you have to salute the villagers for managing to put a new spin on vampires  and as for drumming up tourism, well if it worked for Forks, Washington...

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