Tulisa Slams Danny Simpson's 'Lying Skank' Ex-Girlfriends For Cheating Accusations


After reading a string of stories over the last week about her alleged love-rat boyfriend Danny Simpson, Tulisa Contostavlos seems to have blasted the footballer's ex-girlfriends on Twitter as "lying skanks" over claims he is a cheat.

The X Factor judge went public with her romance with the Newcastle United player last week, but their relationship hasn't gotten off to the best start with several of Danny's ex-girlfriends coming forward to claim he cheated on them while they were together.

Stephanie Ward, the mother of Danny's daughter claims Danny mocked Tulisa's infamous sex tape earlier this year, while another woman, Krystal Benjamin, claims he cheated on Stephanie with her for ten months.

Finally addressing the endless kiss-and-tells, Tulisa launched a foul-mouthed rant on Twitter last night, branding unnamed women "lying skanks."

"These b**ches r actually sick in the head....crazy 4 the cash boy.... lying skanks. Believe me I've seen HARD EVIDENCE #GETAJOBBROKEB**CHES," Tulisa tweeted on Tuesday evening.

Tulisa Slams Danny Simpson's 'Lying Skank' Ex-Girlfriends For Cheating AccusationsTulisa Slams Danny Simpson's 'Lying Skank' Ex-Girlfriends For Cheating Accusations

Danny Simpson has been accused of being a love rat by his ex-girlfriends (Pete Goddard / Splash News)

In an interview with The Sun, Danny pursued Krystal and told her that he was no longer with the mother of his child. Warning Tulisa off Danny and branding him "a rat", Krystal told the newspaper: "He’s a rat. He never told Steph about me and told me he’d not been with her for a year.

“Tulisa should be very wary of him. Danny lied to me and is probably spinning the same story.”

Recalling her time with the 25-year-old footballer, she added: "From the minute we met he said he didn’t have a girlfriend. He was always asking me to fly up and see him. It was exciting. I thought we had something good going on.

“But I was furious when I saw him in the paper with Tulisa. I felt cheated. If he’s in a relationship with her he could have at least had the decency to tell me.”

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