Tulisa Contostavlos Ex Mc Ultra Receives 'Death Threats' Over Sex Tape Leak

Tulisa Contostavlos Ex Mc Ultra Receives 'Death Threats' Over Sex Tape Leak

Tulisa Contostavlos' ex boyfriend MC Ultra has claimed that her fans have been trying to 'destroy' him as well as sending him "death threats" on Twitter.

The 28-year-old, whose real name is Justin Edwards dated Tulisa before she hit the big time with N-Dubz and the X Factor, and earlier this year was seen in a sex tape with the X Factor judge after the footage leaked in March.

According to the MC, "millions" of Tulisa's fans had been attacking him on the micro-blogging site. In an interview with Loaded magazine, he said: "I had millions of little 12-year-olds sending me death threats on Twitter. A lot of people made assumptions about what happened and why.

"Her fans have been destroying me. Some of them are like, 'Go and die'. It's been a hellish time having the world turn against you."

He continued: "It's not been nice for me and my family. I went on Twitter and wrote, 'All this fuss over something so little'."

MC Ultra denies that he leaked the tape to the public, and insists that he had forgotten even shooting it with his then-girlfriend while they were backstage at an N-Dubz gig in 2010.

"There were a couple of options of people it could have been and who could have put it out there," he said. Tulisa has claimed that she "slept on the bathroom floor for seven days," after the X-rated footage was leaked online.

But then the star appeared on Alan Carr's Chatty Man, where she insisted that she "doesn't really class (it) as a sex tape."

Tulisa, who has been spotted partying in Ibiza, recently split up with boyfriend Jack O'Connell.

Tulisa shows off her hot body on stage...

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