Trenyce: One Minute Gossip

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17 August 2012

Grammy award winning singer and West End actress Trenyce has a One Minute Gossip with omg!...

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1)    Describe yourself in 3 words

 Honest, Workaholic, Loving

2)    What’s the best advice someone in the industry’s given you?

When I met R Kelly and we got to hang out and talk about my future, he told me to be UNDENIABLE! Make it so the world has no choice but to love you, best advice ever…and now I share that same advice with fans and friends.

3)    Tell us your celebrity crush/es?

 My celebrity crush is Dwayne Johnson…he has the sexiest smile and seems like a down-to-earth guy, but he also has that edge that says “Don’t F—with me!” …Great combination!

4)    Who’s the most famous person in your phone? and R Kelly …I don’t know who’s more famous…

5)    When was the last time you told someone you loved them & who was it?

My boyfriend this morning! He surprised me with a vacation that I am packing for as we speak!

6)    What was the last lie you told?

HA! I’m a prankster, so…about the surprise vacation,…my boyfriend told me not to read anything in the blue folder he had lying on the table, and I got up and went into the next room and shouted “OMG babe! I’m looking at the folder, Thank you soooo much!”  He hopped out of bed so fast thinking I had ruined the surprise. I laughed so hard!

7)    What’s your secret hangover cure?

Never drink to get drunk in the first place, lol…sometimes it does happen though by accident, and when it does…food with lots of yeast and ibuprofen. I don’t have the kind of life where I have time to slow down so I have to kill it quick!

8)    What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Tuna! Preferably from my favorite sandwich shop The Joe and the Juice on Carnaby St.! I think I’m in there twice a week!  The guys are hot and have the dopest playlist while you sip on a fruit/veggie smoothie.

9)    What’s your random beauty/grooming tip?

Lots of Vaseline! I use it to take off my makeup, keep my lips moist in the winter, and to hydrate my skin after a shower!

10) Tell us your biggest omg! (shock) moment?

There’s quite a few! Getting a phone call to say that me and my cast members were nominated for a Grammy for our cast album of Aint Misbehavin’. We worked so hard and it was great to be recognized amongst some of my favorite shows. Humbling!

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