TOWIE: Lydia Bright On Arg: 'You're A Manipulative, Nasty, Lying Cheater'


TOWIE’s Arg lands himself in an intense argument with ex girlfriend Lydia Bright after she warns Gemma of how he made her feel in their relationship.

At Joey Essex’ eighties-themed birthday party Lydia consoles Gemma Collins,telling her that if anyone can relate to how Gemma is feeling in the relationship it’s her, and says that there were times in her relationship with Arg when she felt  “really low and upset”.

Lydia tells her: “I just hope for you that you stay strong and don’t let him manipulate you as a person.”

When Arg arrives at the scene he asks what they are talking about and is immediately defensive blurting out: “You said I’m scraping the barrel with Gemma.”

Poor Gemma immediately tries to diffuse the situation and says: “Sometimes people say things” and “It’s all in the past” but the two continue to shout above one another.

Arg accuses Lydia of slagging off Gemma and says: “I find it funny you’re talking to my girlfriend when you’re saying I’m scraping the barrel.  You said we’re suited to each other because we’re both fat.”

Lydia insists that Arg is lying whilst Gemma stands looking very uncomfortable and It’s clear she just wants the situation to be over with as soon as possible.

Lydia gets so frustrated with Arg’s lies that tears roll down her face as she shouts at him: “You put people down and you’re manipulative. You’re doing to her what you did to me me. You’re nasty, horrible and cheating...”

Arg has heard enough and drags Gemma away who says that she doesn’t want to leave Lydia crying but walks away with him anyway.

But who is telling the truth? Only time will tell if Arg's spiteful comments ruin his relationship with Gemma Collins.

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