The Hives

We'll let The Hives introduce themselves:

"Do you hear a swooping sound? Can you feel warm gusts of wind against your face? It is the phoenix rising from the ashes, and while one arm flaps vigorously, beneath the other he is holding a golden disc. He is coming closer… The disc says… LEX HIVES!!!"

Swedish group The Hives are one of the most rollicking and roaring bands around. Their dedication to straight ahead hook based guitar rock and vintage aesthetics have won them legions of fans around the world. They have six blistering albums under their belt- including the Diamond certified compilation Your New Favorite Band. The group have spent the last five years touring and recording their latest release Lex Hives, a self produced and released album of twelve storming punk rock cuts.

The Hives have a viciously propulsive live show in which the band are always decked out in matching black and white outfits, lead by lead singer Howlin' Pele Almqvist. They will be tearing up thunderous hits like 'Hate To Say I Told You So,' 'Main Offender' and 'Supply and Demand' along with tracks from Lex Hives which will quickly become new favorites.

Needless to say, The Hives Yahoo! On the Road performance is not one to be missed. Once again, we'll let the band finish things up: "The laws of nature are pale in comparison and The Hives demand nothing but complete obedience." You heard the boys- better be there!

The Hives will be bringing their ferocious brand of punk rock to Paris, France on July 3rd as part of Yahoo! On the Road.

Full Schedule of Events | The Hives Official Page

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