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Terrence Howard Divorce Papers Claim Wife 'Hates Black People'

20 December 2011
Terrence Howard Divorce Papers Claim Wife 'Hates Black People'
Terrence Howard Divorce Papers Claim Wife 'Hates Black People'

Terrence Howard has filed new divorce papers claiming his estranged wife Michelle Ghent frequently attacked him with a torrent of racial abuse - and even threatened to have him killed by Russian gangsters.

Further allegations include the actor being assaulted with a bottle in a jealous rage and Ghent attempting to extort Howard over recordings stolen from his computer.

According to TMZ, documents submitted to L.A. County Court say Ghent turned from "loving and gentle" to a "monster," once telling Howard: "[I] never wanted to marry a n**ger in the first place" and "[I] definitely didn't want to be the step mother of some n**ger kids."

The couple, who wed in January 2010, have been going through a bitter split all year, with 33-year-old Ghent claming Howard started beating her just a week after their wedding, and threatned to throw her from a balcony.

These new allegations, however, have ratched the acrimony up another level.

TMZ report Ghent have previously cautioned Howard she had "Russian friends" who would murder him "as a favour" if he went to the police over the stolen computer files.

Both parties have filed for restrained orders to be issued to each other.

Terrence Howard has repeatedly denied his wife's accusations of abuse, which also included chipping her tooth with his wedding ring after punching her.

Do you think one of them is lying to save face - or is this genuinely one of Hollywood's most dysfunctional relationships?

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Terrence Howard Divorce Papers Claim Wife 'Hates Black People'

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