Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Enjoy Studio Session Together In LA

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber appear to have shot down the increasing rumours of a split, enjoying a studio session together over the weekeend where they were joined by their BFFs Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Eyewitnesses spied the Wizards of Waverly Place actress Selena arriving at the Conway recording studios at 1pm on Saturday, shortly after which her pal Miley Cyrus was also seen arriving. According to E! News, it isn't known if Miley and Selena were hanging out together, but Taylor Swift joined Selena later in the evening.

Perhaps most interestingly, Justin Bieber, who is said to have split from Selena two weeks ago, arrived that evening when Miley had left. Leaving Justin in the studio, Taylor and Selena headed off to dinner where they enjoyed some girly time, returning when they had finished their meal. A source told the website that Justin and Selena left the studio together later that night and headed to the Four Seasons Hotel.

The speculation surrounding the pair's alleged split has been centered on accusations that 'Boyfriend' singer Justin had been flirting and texting other girls, including model Chanel Celaya, who starred in his 'As Long As You Love Me' music video.

"Everything actually started with Chanel Celaya, who he made out with in his video, ‘As Long As You Love Me!’ Selena was incredibly jealous between the amount of time they both were hanging out. And she was also jealous over the attention he gave to her," an insider told HollywoodLife.

Things only got worse when Selena found “sexually toned” messages from the stunning model on her boyfriend's phone.

"Selena then found texts that Justin sent to Chanel that were more sexually toned. Selena brought it up angrily to Justin who denied any wrong doing, which Selena then got more mad at Justin for lying. Making things that much worse."

"Justin and Chanel are not an item but there was definite flirting through text between the two during and after the video was made. Justin was just dumb and didn’t erase the evidence."

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