Talkshow Host Blasted For Demi Lovato Self-Harm Joke

Talkshow Host Blasted For Demi Lovato Self-Harm Joke

US talkshow host Kathy Griffin has been criticised for making a joke out of Demi Lovato's self-harm struggles.

The comic was introducing Jimmy Kimmel when she quipped that she has been on his show 33 times as a last-minute replacement for other stars.

"I’m the person [they] call if Demi Lovato is cutting, or if Miley Cyrus flashed her crotch again, and it’s too breezy down there," she said.

A video of the incident on YouTube has accrued ten times more Dislikes than Likes since being uploaded yesterday.

One commenter wrote: "Hey Kathy why don't you cut yourself and see how it feels? It won't be so funny then will it."

Another said: "Thats just plain rude. Who does she think she is talking about Demi or Miley like that? She dont even know them?", while one claimed: "saying stuff like that will not help someone who is recovering from doing that sort of stuff thats not funny (sic)".

However, others have labelled the critics melodramatic.

One said: "i don't condone making fun of self harm but it's not as if Demi WAS the joke - she was just an example of when she was needed on the other show."

What do you think? Watch the clip below.

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