Strictly Come Dancing: Nimble Kimble Strikes Again!

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After her amazing performance last week, Kimberley Walsh probably wondered if she’ll be able to emulate her success. But the Girls Aloud star needn’t have worried as she struck gold again by scoring a maximum 40 points for her fantastic Charleston.

In her first dance, Kimberley and her partner danced the American smooth to the song ‘Fever’, which was very well received by the judges.

Len seemed to get all hot and bothered by the sultry routine and confessed that it had got him “a bit hot under the collar.” That’s not surprising considering how hot the routine was!

Bruno seemed to agree as he proclaimed “now, that fever can cause an epidemic!” before adding that “the way you interpret the music is absolutely fantastic to see.”

A normally grumpy Craig seemed to have cheered up by saying that he would put that routine on stage in one of his shows.

Overall, the judges scored the golden couple a very impressive 38 points, but that wasn’t enough for Kimberley!

In her second dance of the night, she pulled out all the stops and danced her best dance to date. The routine started off with Pasha trying to mend a broken plane, and after a bit of amateur dramatics, the performance really took off.

Dazzling in an electric blue, fringed costume, Kimberley kicked, flicked and cart wheeled her way into the judge’s good books, and boy did they appreciate it!

Head judge Len said that it was “fun, frivolous and happy-go-lucky... everything you want to see in a Charleston.” He added that the performance was “Not economy, but first class.”

The ever excitable Bruno could barely contain himself; he exclaimed that she was “flying high... Legs in the air and looking good from every angle!” He rounded off his praise by adding that it was “a feast for the eyes”

Darcy was also happy with the dance, telling Kimberley that she was a “quirky, naughty flapper!”, whilst Craig delivered one of his most famous lines- “Fab-u-lous!”

The judges scored them a well earned 40 points, and the ecstatic couple were seen jumping with glee.

So with the final just around the corner, do you think that Kimberley will make it? Tune into the results show to find out!

Photos: Check out Kimberley and the other dancers strut their stuff!

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