Are Star Jones & Sherri Shepherd Beefing Over A Man?

15 June 2012
Are Star Jones & Sherri Shepherd Beefing Over A Man?
Are Star Jones & Sherri Shepherd Beefing Over A Man?

Star Jones is said to be feuding with The View co-host Sherri Shepherd for renting out an apartment to her ex-husband.

Former host of the TV chat show, Star, divorced investment banker Al Reynolds in 2008 after four years of marriage, in what was a highly-publicised split. Relations between Star and Al are clearly still frosty because she wants him to be homeless - well, no quite, but she doesn't want Sherri and her husband to rent him a room in the four-storey townhouse they own.

"Sherri was surprised to learn her new tenant was Star’s ex-husband, but she didn’t see any reason not to rent to him. But Star thinks it’s a ploy by Al to get her attention. She’s fuming mad that Sherri is help­ing him ‘play games’ in her own backyard," a source told The National Enquirer.

"Star says she liked Sherri and thought they were becoming friends, but that’s all over now! Star says she’d never want to be friends with someone who’s helping her ex diss her. In Star’s mind, this is ALL about her."

Does Star have a right to be angry with Sherri? Is it a petty disagreement?

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