Spice Girls Plan Documentary... But Only If Victoria Beckham Takes Part

17 June 2012
Spice Girls Plan Documentary... But Only If Victoria Beckham Takes Part
Spice Girls Plan Documentary... But Only If Victoria Beckham Takes Part

Victoria Beckham has reportedly already scuppered potential Spice Girls reunions at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and at the Olympics... and she could allegedly even spoil plans for a new documentary.

TV producers want a "warts-and-all" look into the rise of the iconic 90s quintet, but will pull the plug if Posh Spice declines to appear, according to the Mirror.

A source told the paper: "With worldwide sales of over 75 million, they defined a generation. But their full story has never been told.

"Producers want to spend time getting to know each of the girls and let viewers feel they’ve got the real insight into their lives."

Mel B, 37, Geri ­Halliwell, 39, Emma ­Bunton, 36, and Mel C, 38, are thought to have already agreed.

The show would co-incide with the girlband's new musical, Viva Forever, which opens on the West End in December.

Melanie C insisted recently that, while the girls do have fallouts, they are all firm friends. "The four of us without Melanie B all saw each other in January. I saw Geri yesterday and Emma last week," she revealed.

"It's hard to get all five of us at one particular time, but I see all of the girls."

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