Shirley MacLaine Reveals Her 'Bawdy' Behvaiour On Downton Abbey Set

5 August 2012

The newest addition to 'Downton Abbey', Shirley MacLaine has been chatting about her time on the set of the hit ITV show, saying her Brit cast-mates were kept entertained by her 'bawdy' behaviour!

The iconic Shirley makes her debut at 'Downton' when the third series begins in just a few weeks. She's spent the past couple of months shooting her scenes at stately home Highclere Castle with familiar faces from the show's cast, with one being Dame Maggie Smith.

The producer of 'Downton' has revealed he only had one person in mind when it came to casting the part of Martha Levinson, Cora's mother, telling the Daily Mail: "We were looking for an American actress who’d be a match for Maggie,’ Gareth added. ‘That made the list very small."

Shirley has also revealed to the newspaper how much she loved working with felow movie veteran Maggie, saying, "We do a little sparring but it’s more sophisticated and adult. My character is really trying to explain to her that you really must grow up and out of this addiction to tradition because this is what got you into the world war."

But it wasn't all work on set with Shirely bringing some mischief to the normally reserved household. Of her time filming with her castmates the actress reveals: "They expected me to be bawdy and that’s naturally how I am. How I behaved wasn’t a put-on!"

It sounds like Shirley had a great time in her latest role! Despite her epic career in Hollywood, she admits even she was overwhelmed by 'Downton's' popularity recalling that when she mentioned that she'd been offered the part to her hairdresser "Suddenly all the women there had theories about what she’d be like. I thought, 'My God, the whole world’s obsessed with this show and this family.” 

We can't wait to Shirley in action when 'Downton Abbey' returns to ITV next month!

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