Shia LaBeouf 'Reaches Settlement With Orphans Producers' After Bowing Out Of Broadway Play


Shia Labeouf has reportedly reached a settlement with the producers of Broadway play Orphans after he walked out of the show following a heated bust-up with co-star Alec Baldwin.

The Transformers star was due to make his Broadway debut opposite Baldwin and Sienna Miller's fiance Tom Sturridge in March but he walked out on he production during the second week of rehearsals due to "creative differences" with his co-stars and director Daniel Sullivan.

LaBeouf then went on to explain that he was actually fired from the show because of the tension between him and his fellow actors, leading to him filing a grievance with the Actors' Equity union against producers Robert Cole and Frederick Zollo for unfair termination.

It was announced today though that both parties had settled the dispute with an undisclosed agreement. A joint statement issued to the New York Times explains:

"We regret the circumstances that caused Shia's departure from Orphans. Shia is a gifted actor whose full preparation to undertake the role of Treat demonstrated his respect and devotion to the play.

Shia LaBeouf 'Reaches Settlement With Orphans Producers' After Bowing Out Of Broadway PlayShia LaBeouf 'Reaches Settlement With Orphans Producers' After Bowing Out Of Broadway Play

Shia LaBeouf has reportedly settled with the producers of Orphans (WENN)

"The parties recognise that neither Mr. LaBeouf nor the producers was at fault. We have the utmost respect for Shia and his acting abilities, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future."

Shia leaked screenshots of emails that had been sent between him, Baldwin and the show's director Sullivan earlier this year, fueling the public dispute. 

In the first set of emails LaBeouf appeared to be trying to prevent the fight from going further writing "Alec, Im sorry for my part in this dis-agreeable situation" but later after Baldwin hinted that he didn't think LaBeouf was a very good actor, the bitter young star released emails showing how deep the feud went.

In a heavy blow to Baldwin, LaBeouf leaked an email in which the shows director praised LeBeouf over the Beetlejuice star saying "don't be too surprised if Alec doesn't look up from his script much for the first few days.

"I suspect he's not nearly as prepared as you are. Not unusual at all when actors have a good long rehearsal time like we have. I just don't want it to throw you."

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