Rylan Clark is crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Rylan Clark has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

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The 24-year-old X Factor contestant beat controversial couple Spencer and Heidi to the title, with the pair having to settle for second place.

On hearing the news, Rylan broke down into tears, hugging Spencer and Heidi.

Before leaving, Rylan turned to the empty house saying: "This has been brilliant so thank you everyone."

Talking to Brian Dowling in his interview, Rylan thanked everyone who picked up the phone to vote for him.

He said: "Honestly this is a dream come."

"On my life, for the past year, all people have been doing is picking up the phone me and I appreciate it with all my heart."

On being asked why he thought the public voted for him to win the show, Rylan admitted that he had no idea.

He explained: "I've got no idea, they hated me three months ago- I don't know what is going on!"

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When asked what he thought of runners up Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, Rylan couldn't help but make a sly dig at them.

He said: "They are a genuine couple and they are really in love with each other.

"In my eyes I wish them the best of luck but they are absolutely made for each other those two."

Summing up how it felt to win, Rylan told Brian: "I'm just glad for my Mothers sake that people have seen what I'm really like because she went through hell when I was on the X Factor.

"I've learned that as much stick you get thrown at you, get over it and be yourself because you'll end up on top in the end."

Earlier in the evening Neil Razor Ruddock was the first celebrity to leave the house finishing in fifth place followed by Claire Richards in fourth and actor Ryan Maloney in third.