Russell Brand 'Scared' Of 'Overly Nice' Tom Cruise

15 June 2012
Russell Brand 'Scared' Of 'Overly Nice' Tom Cruise
Russell Brand 'Scared' Of 'Overly Nice' Tom Cruise

Russell Brand may not be romancing a host of women, but the star is actually head over heels for his ‘Rock of Ages’ co-star Tom Cruise who he claims is scarily nice.

The 37 year-old believes that the ‘Top Gun’s grin is so persuasive that it will make him do anything, even agreeing to have a pet baboon in the big screen adaptation of the musical just to satisfy Tom.

“He plays a rock star in the film and he decided his character should have a pet baboon,” he told The Sun.

“I said: 'Tom, I don't like the baboon, it's making me and everyone else nervous.

"Tom just turned to me with a big grin on his face and said, 'I like the baboon.'"

Clearly the 49-year-old actor has some hold over people with his mesmerising smile, and the ‘Arthur’ star seems pretty worried about it.

"Tom is one of these overly keen, nice guys to the point where it's scary.” he explained.

While Russell isn’t a fan of baboons, he is a big hit with the ladies. Not only is he reportedly romancing stylist Maeve Rilley but he also seduced TV presenter Emily Hartridge by throwing cake at her and licking it off during an interview!

Tom Cruise: The Most Persuasive Smile In Hollywood!

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