Russell Brand: Baboon Made Me Late For Dinner With Tom Cruise

15 June 2012
Russell Brand: Baboon Made Me Late For Dinner With Tom Cruise
Russell Brand: Baboon Made Me Late For Dinner With Tom Cruise

Russell Brand seems to be enjoying the Hollywood life, and one of its benefits is getting to hang out and eat dinner with a megastar like Tom Cruise, his 'Rock of Ages' co-star.

Yet when given the chance to dine at Tom Cruise's house, the star admitted that he was late because of on set altercations with a baboon, whom the star most definitely didn't get on with.

According to The Belfast Telegraph, Brand said: "I hung out with Tom a little bit, I went round to his for dinner but I was late - because of that baboon actually. It took ages [to shoot the scenes], he was jumping up and down," adding "I got [to Tom's] and he'd already had his dinner, so I had to sit and eat a three course meal on my own [with his family watching]. A lasagne, another pasta dish, yoghurt? I don't imagine [he made it] I think the missus did."

Brand admitted he was scared of the baboon, and struggled to film scenes with it, saying: "I was trying my hardest [in the movie], apart from the thing with the baboon. An aggressive looking little demon thing - I bet the myth of the devil comes from people living near those things. And it had three baboon girls in its trailer, to relax it."

He did however say that Cruise wasn't angry, and that he's in awe of the star's niceness.

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