Rockers Muse Asked To 'Run Their Hometown Of Teignmouth For A Day'


Following Muse's return to their hometown Teignmouth to run with the Olympic torch, it's been revealed that the rockers have now been asked to run the town again for a day...but literally, not physically.

The trio have been offered the opportunity to run the whole town for a day by District Council leader Jeremy Christophers. Erm, what??

According to NME, Teignbridge District Council leader Jeremy Christophers has asked the rockers to take control of the town on a day of their choice...

Speaking in a promotional video, Jeremy said: "[Muse] are the biggest rock band on the planet."

"I've invited Matt Bellamy and the band to come in and run the council for the day."

Frontman Matt has previously made his affection for the town clear, saying: "We'd like to play down here as much as we can. I bet you, ten years to the day, we'll be back here."

Standard! Wonder what kind of crazy stuff they'd get up to?

Meanwhile, the band have also revealed the full album tracklisting for The 2nd Law, which will be released later this year.

The album, the follow-up to 2009's The Resistance, includes the Olympic single 'Survival'. Other track names on the album include, 'Animals', 'Madness', 'Supremacy' and 'Explorers'. #

Ooo, we can't wait!

Watch the promo Olympic Torch vid that shows Jeremy's comments below:

Muse have been chosen for official Olympics track 'Survival'

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