Is Robert Pattinson Set To Follow In Tom Cruise's Scientologist Footsteps?

7 August 2012

Robert Pattinson has done a VERY good job of dodging the press following girlfriend Kristen Stewart's scandalous affair, but will he be able to dodge Scientologists as well?

It's fair to say that Tom Cruise's divorce from Katie Holmes hasn't shown off Scientologists in the best light, so it makes sense that the religious group are busy hunting for a fresh young face to represent them.

And they have selected Robert Pattinson, in his newly vulnerable and defensive state.

One follower has revealed that Scientologists would like Rob to be the new face of their religion as the 'Twilight' star is like a "young Tom Cruise":

"Robert Pattinson is young, he's talented and he's got a lot of money. Rob's like a young Tom Cruise. He would appeal to younger people in a way that older celebrities, such as Cruise and John Travolta, might not."

We suppose that makes some sense.

The National Enquirer have also reported that Kirstie Alley is "spearheading the efforts" to lure RPattz into becoming a Scientologist, even turning up at Robert's house in an attempt to speak with him about it.

Sources have reported that RPattz has had a plethora of strange visitors at his home lately:

"I didn't get a good look at the driver except that I noticed that the person had a lot of hair — so it was probably female."

Yes. A "probably female" visitor is almost definitely a reason to suspect Kirstie Alley is out on a Scientologist round-up...

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