Robert Downey Jr To Make Movie Of Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror'


Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror returns to TV screens tonight, but we may be seeing the series one episode 'The Entire History of You' on the big screen soon, thanks to 'Iron Man' star Robert Downey Jr.

The actor has bought up the film rights to the third episode of the original series, scripted by Jesse Armstrong, according to Broadcast.

The episode featured a time in the near future where everyone has a memory chip embedded that records all their actions, resulting in terrifying consequences when users look back at moments of which they can be less than proud.

Robert Downey Jr To Make Movie Of Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror'Robert Downey Jr To Make Movie Of Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror'

Robert Downey Jr:  fought off competition from George Clooney for Black Mirror (Photo:WENN/NBC)

Downey Jr reportedly fought off a battle from George Clooney for the rights, despite Clooney's incredible track record of bringing stories to the big screen, most recently with Ben Affleck's Oscars favourite 'Argo'.

The episode was the only part of the original series not penned by Brooker, with the new series tonight beginning with an episode in which a woman in mourning brings back her dead lover from the dead thanks to collating social media information.

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