After That Rob Kardashian Drama Rita Ora Defends Media Intrusion: 'You Have To Suck It Up'


She's been all over the showbiz news this week thanks to ex Rob Kardashian's twitter rant but that hasn't stopped Rita Ora from defending the media intrusion.

Whilst she put in a show-stopping performance on last night's X Factor final, Brit star Rita has been in the papers for something other than her music this week as her ex boyfriend Rob Kardashian took to twitter to blast an un-named ex girlfriend for cheating on him. Despite the Kardashian star's denials his tirade was about Rita, many linked his rant to the singer, who he dated for a year.

You might forgive Rita then for being a bit fed up of with all the intrusion but the star has actually been defending the media:

"If you want to do my job, you have to suck it up, because it goes hand-in-hand with what you're doing. At the end of the day, the media are helping you - they're what you need," Rita said according to FemaleFirst.

The 'R.I.P' singer also spoke about her constant comparisions to Rihanna, admitting that while she is a fan she wants everyone to realise they are completely different people with their own individual sound:

"It's just so unnecessary, the most unnecessary thing I've ever heard, actually. I mean, last time I checked, I've been blonde since I was 14 years old. My inspiration has always been from old-school, classic, so I don't take any notice of that."

"I've met Rihanna and she's fun to hang with. Don't get me wrong: I see nothing but great things, but I think it's time to move on now."  

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