Ricci Leaves Geordie Shore To Save His Relationship


After last week’s massive fight, the Geordie Shore couple meet to salvage what’s left of their broken engagement but Ricci shocks the house and Vicky when he announces he won't be coming back.

The house is no stranger to failed relationships and the Geordie Shore relationship curse is working its magic on yet another couple, after Charlotte and her boyfriend, Scott, called it quits a couple of weeks ago.

With Ricci ad Vicky’s relationship status left shaky since Ricci stormed out with her engagement ring, Vicky said: “I need to see Ricci because at the moment I feel like our relationship is in limbo.”

Despite wanting answers about their relationship, Vicky can’t help admitting being fed up with Ricci’s jealous behaviour, saying: “I’ve let him go on like a f***ing d***head for far too long, I just wanna see more of the lovely Ricci who’s fun and less possessive and jealous.”

Vicky’s still adamant that Ricci needs to apologise for drunkenly lashing out, saying: “All I want from tonight is for him to genuinely feel upset for what’s happened.”

But Ricci isn’t showing any signs of backing down over his behaviour, claiming: “With me and Vicky arguing, it’s two stubborn people going against each other. I don’t wanna back down, she doesn’t wanna back down and it just never gets sorted.”

Their reconciliation doesn’t go to plan with Vicky stating: “It is so blatantly obvious that he’s not in the place that I want him to be.”

A couple of days later, Ricci makes a shocking revelation telling his housemates that he's leaving, explaining: “I can’t put me and her through this anymore."

Ricci claims his relationship with Vicky is more important and says: “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life…and I’m absolutely gutted.”

Their relationship is left hanging by a thread with Vicky reacting to the news by saying: “It feels a lot like a conclusion.”

Meanwhile the gang celebrate James Tindale’s birthday with a surprise trip to Dublin and James is pleased with a special birthday treat in the form of girlfriend, Kate, who was flown out to join the Geordie gang on their Irish extravaganza.

The house is down by another housemate with Charlotte summing up the feeling, saying: “I’m sad to see yet another person have to leave.”

Who will be next to face the Geordie Shore relationship curse?

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