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Rasheeda Injured In Fight With K. Michelle During 'Love & Hip-Hop Reunion'?

2 August 2012

The Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta Reunion Show was full of drama, as expected, last night with Rasheeda and K. Michelle getting into a fist fight.

According to MediaTakeOut, K. Michelle got into a heated argument with Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright due to her accusations that he was physically violent towards her. K. Michelle said she was disappointed that Toya, ex-wife of Lil Wayne, that she would marry an "abuser."

K. Michelle continued to hurl accusations at Memphitz while on stage, but she took it a step too far causing Rasheeda, a close friend of Memphitz and Toya's to step in and defend them, but things escalated. The website reports Rasheeda was "repeatedly punched" in the face while on the ground and eventually "lost consciousness."

Apparently, paramedics were called and taping had to be delayed until Rasheeda gained consciousness and was given the all-clear to film by doctors.

Producers are currently deciding whether to broadcast the full brawl although it may be too graphic for TV.

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