PHOTO: One Direction Unveil 'Live While We're Young' Artwork


Directioners stand by! The 1D boys have unveiled the artwork for their new single 'Live While We're Young' and although it's super cheesy - we love it!

In the artwork, the boys are relaxing with each other and making jokes, basically their bromance relationships to a tee.

The track is set to be released on September 30th and is said to be 'an uptempo track'. 'Live While We're Young' is the first track to be taken from the boys' second album 'Take Me Home', scheduled for release on November 12th.

According to Digital Spy, bandmember Niall Horan recently explained the significance of the record's title, saying: "We all would do a lot of travelling around the world and we get to see a lot of cool places, but the main thing is there's no place like home. It's always kind of nice to go home."

PHOTO: One Direction Unveil 'Live While We're Young' ArtworkPHOTO: One Direction Unveil 'Live While We're Young' Artwork

Meanwhile, the boys' recently caused havoc by taking part in a 'late night jam sesh' with fellow teen heart-throb Justin Bieber. Tut tut!

Straight after landing in the UK, Bieber headed over to Niall's London house to play some music and catch up but their 'jam session' angered Niall's neighbours.

"We have a great time together," Justin told The Metro.

"I went over to Niall's house yesterday." "Think we p****d people off a little bit," the Canadian pop singer admitted.

"We were making a little jam session at three in the morning and he lives in this apartment."

"So there's people underneath him and we were playing really loud and all the sudden we heard "bang, bang, bang" on the door and this guy shouted "keep it down". It was crazy."

We wouldn't mind crashing that party!

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