One Direction's Zayn Malik: omg! loves you and here are our top 10 reasons why

Zayn Malik is delectably the best member of One Direction, he definitely our favourite anyway.

That is, when it's not Niall Horan.

Or Louis Tomlinson.

Or Harry Styles…

… oh, and obviously sometimes it's Liam Payne.

But when it's none of them it's 100% Zayn Malik.

He is just, well, the best isn't he?

So in tribute to the very amazing, very gorgeous, young man from Bradford we have decided to compile a list justifying exactly why we feel this way.

Zayn Malik: the essay, if you like.

Feel free to use the following points in any One D debates you might encounter in the near future


1. Zayn Malik's hair. Zayn Malik is the only man on the planet who can successfully pull off a peroxide striped Cornish pasty quiff without looking like Pepe Le Pew.

In the words of Harry Styles: "Zayn's quiff is almost as tall as Mount Kilamanjaro!"

And Haz should know, his Mum climbed it!

2. Zayn Malik's accent. Zayn is from Bradford born and bred and has a proper Northern accent. Apparently in America they hear this as proper Made in Chelsea posh.

We find this hilarious and it makes us love Zayn Malik (and America) just that little bit more.

3. Zayn Malik is going out with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and they are totally, super cute. A match made in pop heaven as some very accurate observers may comment.

They are sickeningly loved up, while at the same time being absolutely down to earth.

Perrie once said she 'looked rank' in pics of her snogging Zayn, she didn't but it was so something we would say, we just so want a double date!

4. The fact Zayn stomped off during X Factor boot camp. Lest we forget the moment Zayn (then plain old Zain) decided he couldn't do the dance routine and hid behind the scenes.

Simon Cowell demanded he come back, things got teary, Zayn eventually did the routine, made it into One D and the rest, as they say, is history!

5. Zayn is vain. Yes, ordinarily this wouldn't be a plus on a man, but in Zayn's case we find his constant mirror searching rather endearing.

Plus, he is hardly in denial and admits it himself.

6. Simon Cowell loves Zayn as much as we do and therefore we could start a Zayn Malik fan club and Simon could be the treasurer.

After One D performed on X Factor USA Simon singled Zayn out in particular commenting on just 'how far' he had come.

We were proud, very proud!

7. Zayn is very, very, very, very damn good looking and that's lucky because his name just so happens to mean 'beautiful' on Arabic.

Being literally called Beautiful would be well awkward if you were a bit ming.

8. Zayn Malik loves cats and had two when he was younger called Lily and Lolo.

We like to think the Malik family let Zayn pick out the names and that he thought really hard before shouting: 'I've got it! LILY AND LOLO!'.

We love cats, so in turn we love Zayn, it's just simple logic.

9. Zayn's favourite food is chicken and have you ever met anyone, ever who doesn't like chicken?

Therefore we think this idea can be applied to Zayn.

Have you ever met anyone ever who doesn't like Zayn Malik? Nuff said.

10. When Zayn was at school he was one of the T Birds in Grease.

Clearly, this means he was one very cool kid who would have definitely been in our top8 on MySpace (Yes, remember that?!)

So there you have it, ten reasons to love Zayn Malik if you don't already.

Feel free to print this off and keep it in your wallet for whenever you encounter a One D non believer.