Nicole Scherzinger Fancies 'A Pint' With Kate Middleton

Naughty Nicole Scherzinger, AKA the Judge with the Jiggle, has revealed that show boss Simon Cowell has a special, secret nickname for the former Pussycat Doll.

She revealed to Grazia magazine "[Simon] calls me his Tiger. I keep telling Simon to hit me up. He's like 'I don't think so Nicole.' No way.

"But I'm not a flirt. I'm very loyal and loving to my boyfriend.

There's been plenty of speculation about Nicole's partying predilections, but she claims that London hasn't seen the half of it.

"I haven't been out and let rip in London, but I can drink a lot of people under the table," she revealed. "I've been to Essex pubs. Next is having a pint with Kate and Wills."

That could be a tricky one - if any of the Kate pregnancy rumours turn out to be true, Nicole better move fast or she'll be buying the Duchess of Cambridge a pint of lemonade!

 Check out Nicole and her celebrity pals at Gary Barlow's charity gala!

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