The Mindy Project: It's Halloween!

Halloween - Season 1 Episode 4

Hooray! It's the first recurring love interest for Mindy. Josh, the slightly douchey sports attorney, goes on a morning date with Mindy and invites her to a Halloween party. She's put off by his cocky attitude and leaves him hanging while he threatens to invite one of the many Kaitlins in his phone ("It was a very popular name in 1987").

Mindy literally bumps into Tom, her ex-boyfriend from the first episode. She accidentally hits him with the door and he falls over bleeding. In case you missed it, in the first episode Mindy ruined his wedding by making an embarrassing, drunken speech. Now, they make up and Mindy feels much better. After her moment of maturity Mindy tells the women in the office, "It's so weird being my own role model, I recommend it". She's later surprised when she goes on his Facebook profile and sees that his wife is expecting a baby.

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Mindy decides she will go to Josh's Halloween party after all and we see various quick change sequences where Mindy tries on a series of bizarre outfits. I actually thought the Sexy Postal Worker was a surprisingly good look and I loved Morgan's comment about women's best assets being "the budonk-uh-donk and the buthink-uh-think".

Danny and Jeremy lie to the office about where they are spending the day. They are both trying to pass their driving test. As usual we see how they are complete opposites. Danny makes a speech about how a driving license is a license to be a man and he can be free for the first time. Jeremy, who's British, wants to pass because he's "so tired of carrying my passport around to bars. So bulky".

Jeremy passes the test with ease. He's charming and calm. Danny, on the other hand, is a sweaty panicking mess and he manages to crash the car while failing to chat up Barbara, the woman giving the test. Somehow Jeremy manages to convince Barbara to give Danny another chance. Danny passes and Jeremy tells him that he had "told her you were molested in a car which is why the test is so difficult for you" which explains why she's tearfully proud of Danny.

In the end Mindy goes as Diane from 'Cheers'. It's a costume as good as when Mindy, as Kelly Kapoor in 'The Office (US)', dressed up like Carrie Bradshaw from 'Sex and the City'. Josh goes as Inigo Montoya from 'Princess Bride', which coincidentally is Mindy's favourite film. In a sweet and slightly creepy moment Josh reveals that he found this out online and got the costume made especially for that night. It's a 21st century romantic gesture you won't find in a Nora Ephron movie!