Is Miley Cyrus Threatened By Jennifer Lawrence?

29 July 2012

We spend far too much time looking at pictures of Miley Cyrus and subsequently getting visits from the Envy Fairy - we cant imagine Miley being jealous of anyone else. But according to insiders who have talked to Grazia, Miley gets these worries too!

A source claims that Miley is worried about being usurped by other actors and entertainers - especially 'Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence. Apparently Miley feels "threatened by Jennifer's career and confidence."

"Jennifer seems to have replaced Miley as Hollywood's It girl. And now Miley seems terrified she'll replace her as Liam's girlfriend too. That's when she started working out so much and the weight dropped off."

According to the insider, Miley feels anxious because she's been in the spotlight for a while and is worried that her time might be up. "Miley's had to grow up fast and I guess she's worried her success could all end tomorrow. She's barely sleeping? It's very sad."

We think there's room in Hollywood for Miley and Jennifer - what do you think?

Check out Miley and Liam cosying up on set here:

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