Michelle Obama Admits Being A Fan Of The Wanted!

Daniel Deme/WENN.comDaniel Deme/WENN.com

It's a sure sign The Wanted have made it now that the group have support from not only, ahem, Lindsay Lohan, but the First Lady, Michelle Obama, who has apparently admitted to being a fan of their music.

The 'Glad You Came' hitmakers have spent the last year on a mission to rival One Direction and launch their career in the States, and while the 1D lads broke records with the release of their debut album on the Billboard charts, The Wanted may have made an even bigger achievement - turning the wife of the President into a fan.

Michelle Obama Admits Being A Fan Of The Wanted!Michelle Obama Admits Being A Fan Of The Wanted!

The Wanted have made a fan in Michelle Obama (Daniel Deme/WENN)

Speaking with Daily Mirror, The Wanted member Siva Kaneswaran revealed how they found out Chelly-O was a fan.

"The highlight of our year so far has been meeting Michelle Obama. She was so normal with us. She told us that The Wanted were on her playlist," Siva explained.

"I’m sure we’re on her 25 Most Played on her iPhone."

It appears The Wanted are collecting fans left, right and centre, with the latest being Lindsay Lohan, who has been spotted hanging out with the group in recent weeks as they toured the US. The band recently joked that Lindsay was a "groupie", while revealing what they got up to on their tour bus.

Michelle Obama Admits Being A Fan Of The Wanted!Michelle Obama Admits Being A Fan Of The Wanted!

Michelle Obama seems to have the same music tastes as her daughters (Jlnphotography/WENN.com)

"We had one night on the bus, with her and a bunch of our friends, which was a good time," Tom Parker told Us Weekly.

"We're probably not the best influences,” he added referring to Lilo's on-going problems. "I'm sure she's got people around her that know much better than we do."

Who needs Lindsay when you've got the First Lady!

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