MC Harvey 'Shocked' Ashley Cole Messed Up Second Chance With Cheryl

MC Harvey 'Shocked' Ashley Cole Messed Up Second Chance With Cheryl

MC Harvey says that he doesn't understand why Ashley Cole would repeatedly cheat on Cheryl Cole when he was given a second chance.

The former So Solid Crew member was at the centre of scandal last week when he gave an interview to Now magazine claiming that he enjoyed a brief fling with Cheryl following her divorce from Ashley.

However, Cheryl refuted his allegations and a full-on Twitter beef ensued. Harvey seems adamant that he and the Girls Aloud singer had a romance and says that Ashley was foolish to destory his chances of reconciling with her.

"I've known Ashley since I was a kid. I don't get his lifestyle," he told the publication.

"If I'd been given a second chance [like Ashley was], I'd literally have stayed in the house like it was a prison. I'd have travelled home every night to be with her, even if I was playing in Leeds or whatever, so she'd feel more comfprtable."

Cheryl has now reportedly filed a lawsuit against Now magazine for publishing the interview.

Cheryl Cole gets her pins out to go shopping...

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