Made in Chelsea series 4: Best Millie Mackintosh moments

MIC Millie has really made a name for herself in Chelsea over the past four series

The delightful Millie Mac has been on the Chelsea scene from the very beginning. Although she is The King's Road's most enigmatic characters - do not be fooled by that sweet peachy pout and dewy fresh skin. This professional make-up artist is more than capable of getting her claws out to do some damage if need be. While the other Chelsea boys and girls are embroiled in their various love triangles, Millie goes for the jugular when it comes to trouble. And she's certainly been a busy girl causing no end of scandal on Sloane Square.

If there's ever any trouble between the girls, you can bet your bottom dollar that Millie will be involved somewhere - and we love her for it! Very glamorous, very sexy and very devious - she is one to watch!

1. That row with Rosie

These two have been joined at the hip since forever. They shop together, spend every waking moment arm in arm - except for that one time. Yes, we all remember the girls fighting over Hugo. Rosie was interested in the 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' star, but Millie got there first knowing full well that her best friend fancied him - and they hated each other! The punch line was that Hugo and Millie both did the dirty on one another, and Hugo cheated with Rosie. Talk about drama.

2. Toff Twitter Row

Fellow Chelsea girl Victoria Baker-Harbor said that she wanted to slap Millie. Why? For 'allowing' posh pal Louise to cheat on her then boyfriend Jaime. Millie and boyfriend Professor Green were not having any of that. There was a huge Twitter row over this with the rapper tweeting:

"Did I just see a horse say it'd slap Millie?"

Even Pro Greens pal Lily Allen got involved tweeting:

"OMG what a twat @victoriaBH is being to you, ubersnob doesn't even cover it."

3. Getting vicious with Victoria

Months later in series four, one would have thought things had settled and that the girls had let bygones be bygones. But no! Millie doesn't let things like that go so easily it seems. Victoria tried to make amends when she bumped into Millie and Rosie walking cute doggie Herbie. Apparently according to Millie, 'Herbie only likes other dogs.'

Yikes! We wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Millie. Victoria was distraught and confided in Sophia. The armies are amassing as we speak. Could we see the beginning of the biggest bitch fight on the show ever? It certainly looks that way...

4. Herbie the Handbag Pup

Possibly one of the cutest dogs in the world! Herbie was Millie's little handbag pup for a while. But our hearts broke with hers as she had to give him away. Dogs aren't allowed in the apartment she is living in. We think the reason he went was because he was chewing up all those Louboutins. Whatever the case maybe, like Millie we sure will miss little Herbie, too. But maybe we will see him again soon in a future episode or this years Christmas special?

5. No love lost on newbie Lucy Watson

"That's not the way that anyone in Chelsea behaves, if she wants to act like that she can go and hang out in Essex!"

Millie certainly doesn't mince her words, it's just one of the many things on the list that we love about her. She is dead set against newcomer Lucy Watson and her 'behaviour'. Could this instant disliking be something about her way with the lads? Lucy is a heart breaker, that's for sure! Yet another Chelsea spat in the making? We hope so!