Made in Chelsea: Season 6, episode 1 highlights

MIC season 6 has a lot to do to win back my once undying loyalty.

The main problem that I had with Series 5 of Made in Chelsea was that it was more staged than a Broadway performance of Cats: The Musical. Compared to the authentic, improvised humour of Series 1, Series 5 was becoming more and more like an episode of Eastenders, albeit with more fake tan and double-barrelled surnames. Therefore, Season 6 had to do a lot to win back my once undying loyalty.

The opening scene of Series 6 showed Spencer discussing his sex addiction with a psychotherapist. Whilst this was meant to be an honest and moving insight into the mind of the deeply troubled Spencer Matthews, all that it did was highlight the fact that Spencer probably should have spent his therapy money on lessons with an acting coach.

Thankfully, the producers cut this cringe-worthy scene short and headed over to the countryside for a pool party, where some champagne-fuelled shenanigans were taking place. At the party, Lucy seems to be initiating arguments and Louise seems distressed. So, fortunately, Jamie's violent twerking by the pool acted as a much needed distraction from the heavy drama.

At the party, we're introduced to new guys, Miffy, who coincidentally shares the same name as a sock-puppet I used to own as a child, and Freddie, who awkwardly asks Lucy out on a date. As well as this, numerous scenes of guests spraying champagne in post-recession euphoria ensue, once again ram home to the general public that these people are wealthier than you will ever be. Charming.

Later on in the evening, Rosie comes across Francis sitting naked in the pool. He asks Rosie out on a date, but unfortunately, she is too distracted by his (Francis) Boulles to respond.

Allegations of Louise dancing topless at parties result in her and Andy arguing. Unsurprisingly, at around 25 minutes in … the inevitable happens. Louise, somebody who allegedly cries at the sight of onions (before they are even peeled), turns on the waterworks. Fortunately for the party-goers, they're all in their swimwear and are therefore appropriately dressed to swim through Louise's pool of tears.

Louise and Andy's argument culminates in Andy heading over to her house to collect his belongings. The moving clip of the broken-hearted man heading out of the flat, guitar on back, prompted viewers nationwide to recall their own nightmare experience of having to head to your ex's flat and collect your musical instrument. Don't worry, it's happened to the best of us.

At a nearby pub, The Cadogan Arms, Spencer, Stevie and Louise's brother, Sam, discuss the break-up. True to character, Spencer goes to cause more trouble by visiting his ex-girlfriend. At this point, I'm starting to feel as though I'm watching 'The Spencer Matthews Show'.

Fortunately, we're then transported over to Proudlock's Carnaby Street store. The store, a sort of hipster refuge, held host to an awkward encounter with Phoebe and Alex Mytton due to the fact that he'd kissed Fran, her best friend. Whilst Phoebe's death-stare was somewhat amusing, I'm hoping that this unexciting storyline is not dragged on for the rest of the series.

Back in the Royal Borough, Rosie is looking after a distraught Louise. Louise, who once again is facially leaking is told by Rosie not to cry. Does Rosie not realise that telling Louise not to cry is like telling a plant not to photosynthesize?

Towards the end of the episode, I'm beginning to lose patience. Phoebe turns up to a boutique to give Fran evils, Spencer goes to Dukebox to get up in Lucy's grill and Lucy gets emotional. I feel as though the producers have included too many plots, and of those included, very few are original or particularly interesting.

Whilst I did admittedly enjoy watching the first episode and I admire people doing their best to be green, I'm not a fan of the fact that the producers seem to be recycling plots. Unexcited by the first episode, I am still hopeful that the arrival of Stephanie Pratt, of MTV's 'The Hills', will be an interesting twist and will restore Made in Chelsea to its former glory. Until then, I'm still doubtful...