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Made in Chelsea: Mark-Francis Vandelli’s best quotes

Rachael Hogg
4 June 2013
Made in Chelsea: Mark-Francis Vandelli’s best quotes
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Monday nights would not be the same without Mark Francis Vandelli. As 'Made in Chelsea''s go-to character for a bitchy quote and a quick heave, there have already been calls for him to have his own show. However, look beyond the fur, the diamonds and the champagne and it's easy to see that Mark-Francis is doing us all a favour, offering easy-to-follow advice on everything from fashion to art. As they say, do as Mark-Francis does and everything will be ok.

Mark-Francis Vandelli...

On fashion: "Fur, fur, fur. I just live for fur....and those thong type things, I just want to heave."

On keeping fit: "I'm not one for physical exercise."

On life lessons: "Sabotage is not chic."

On correct pronunciation:

Binky: "Grass?"

Mark-Francis: "GRAFF"

On shopping urges: "I feel like buying cashmere."

On a drama: "What's happened? Do I need to put down my secateurs for this?"

On accessorising: "Unless you have a family tiara, you don't wear one."

On monochrome: "You know what, I always think black and white is best for the sartorially challenged."

On directing a fashion shoot:

Binky: "Okay, so what do you want me to do exactly?"

Mark-Francis: "You are to be a woman who has lived."

Binky: Yeh. *Does rock on sign*

Mark-Francis: "A woman who is, full of passion, full of life, full of vitality but at the same time maybe sad. She has beauty, standing, the world at her feet."

Binky: "Right."

Mark-Francis: "And she's had it all her life."

Binky: "Right."

Mark-Francis: "Do you see what I mean?"

Binky: "No."

On high street fashion: "Topshop is definitely a turn off."

On dinner party decor: "There's nothing more depressing than going to a dinner party where there are no flowers. Doesn't it just kill you? I want to leave there and then."

On holiday wear: "I have a completely different wardrobe for St Tropez than I do for Sardinia or Cannes or any other beach holiday."

On gift giving: "Darling, you just cannot give pashminas for Christmas. It's just no - not happening."

On sculptures: "Bronze is my favourite medium."

Not only does Mark-Francis continually offer advice and tips for making life better for everyone, he recognises the difficulties of telling the truth: "I'm really annoyed to say it, but I love what she is wearing."

He also offers sincere and honest advice for those starting out in life: "Your early twenties really are the best time to get your first bronze bust."

And of course, never forget Mark-Francis' ultimate party planning tip: "No one you want at a party is going to turn up to a themed party, unless it's at Versailles."

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