Made in Chelsea: The end of 'Jinky'? Sophia Sassoon and Boulle's y fronts

Who are Andy Jordan, Sam Cussins, Sophia Sassoon, Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack and Stevie Johnson?

Episode three of the most frightfully posh reality TV show ever finds us meeting the last of this series new cast: the lovely but very feisty Sophia Sassoon! Fresh faced from a modelling and acting career in New York, Sophia is also one of Spencer's many ex-girlfriends. Meeting current squeeze Louise for the first time over drinks was a little awkward as we have found out that Sophia doesn't like to hold back. But she seems to have been drawn to Andy's 'aura', there maybe a brand new romance blossoming already between the two.

In other news this week, Gabriella organised a trip to a retreat for the gang - Cheska, Binky, Ollie and Gaby all had their phones confiscated and were forced to eat salad. But the best thing was when after a messy break up way back in series one, Gabriella and Ollie finally had a heart to heart. Gaby has moved on and found herself a lovely fella in Greece. But the two are still going to Richards boat party together!

Jaime seems to have loved and left Binky - the poor girl is so confused after a week has passed since the kiss and no word. Proudlock and Francis are horrified to see that he is busy with the Candy kittens! Binky is nobody's fool and confronts him when he does finally call. She's not interested in a second date and doesn't want to be messed around. You go girl! Especially when Jaime mentioned he 'isn't tied down' when introduced to Sophia! Looks like there is more than one love rat on the King's road!

Cheska is very interested in Sam, Binky's date from last week's episode. But the feeling is visibly not mutual, he tells her that its 'just good mates', yes that old chestnut! Love triangles and affairs aside what was Francis doing stealing red 'Y' fronts from Jaime's shop? Yes we caught that one Boulle!

We have had a brief introduction over the past few episodes through Spencer's strops with Andy, Ianthe's match fixing with Ollie and now the very feisty Sophia. Here's the low down on the life and loves of each shiny Chelsea newbie:

Andy Jordan is a character who has made an explosive entrance with that spat with Spencer over Louise. It is the love triangle of the series so far. Andy Jordan is the epitome of handsome, he is tall and dark. A broker in the city, he surf's in his spare time and plans on one day opening up his own water sports business. He admits to being too much of a 'yes' man but he is loyal and obviously an instant hit with the ladies (and now Sophia too!) Watch out lads!

Sam Cussins, like Andy is guaranteed to give Spencer Matthews and Jaime Laing a run for their money when it comes to the girls too. Sam has been described as a 'cheeky cricketer' from Sussex. Suave and sophisticated he has said that he is "looking to take a few ladies out on a few dates". A heartbreaker, Sam has already caught the eye of buddies Binky and Cheska, one feels a catfight coming on!

Sophia Sassoon has left behind Broadway and the bright lights of New York City for Chelsea. Could love be on the cards with eligible bachelor Andy? She says herself that she doesn't rule out any possible romance but above all she has "come to set fire to everyone!"

Drama is in this girls blood and we love her already!

Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack the stunning 21 year old fashion student has made her mark already. Not only as new girlfriend of resident hunk Richard Dinan, but by also taking on the task of getting Ollie 'coupled up'. She says of the show: "I joined Made in Chelsea because I believe that you should take opportunities when they come out of the blue!"

Stevie Johnson is the third in the trio of new lads this season- with his boyish good looks and 'eager to please' attitude, Stevie is the most laid back of the crowd. Eton educated he is an old school chum of Spenny's and good mate of Andy's. Caught in between the feuding pair he has said: "I can't wait to mix up the dynamic of the current cast in the new series and I'm looking forward to getting to know one person in particular!" Who could this possibly be? Only time will put us out of our misery!