Loved Up Emma Stone Gushes Over Boyfriend Andrew Garfield

Loved Up Emma Stone Gushes Over Boyfriend Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield evidently enjoyed playing lovers so much in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' that they decided to give it a try in real life, and it seems that Ms Stone enjoys that so much that she can't hold back in her praise for her co-star.

Garfield had praised the Hollywood starlet in glowing terms, saying:"like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding onto the sides."

Stone was reminded of this on The Today Show, and she reciprocated the feelings of her boyfriend, saying:"I can't quite put it as eloquently as he did, but that's incredibly kind of him to say."

She added: "He is someone that I've learned so, so much from and just as an actor, he is so incredibly present and fluid and it was an honour to act with him."

Ah, young love, isn't it just the cutest? Especially when the two lovebirds are two of Hollywood's most sought after young actors.

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