'Love Isn't Complicated People Are': Rihanna Continues Her Twitter Moan


Rihanna has taken to Twitter again today to give more teasing hints as to her relationship with on/off lover Christ Brown, posting a cryptic message on love.

It sounds like Rihanna has had some time on her hands today as she's been tweeting up a storm. One post from this evening seems to provide another clue as to her feelings about Chris Brown, with the star posting a link to an image which reads: "Love isn't complicated, people are." Mmm we wonder who she could be talking about?

Not long after RiRi's melancholic mood seemed to lift with the news that her new album Unapologetic had topped the top of the charts in the US:

"Wait!!!!! What the F***?!!!! #UNAPOLOGETIC just debuted at #1 in AMERICA!!!!! My first number 1 album there!!! Thank you Navy, u deserve it"

"I'm legit crying like a pussy right now!! #UNAPOLOGETIC."

Nothing like a chart topping album to lift your spirits! 

The hard working pop star has had a bit of a bad couple of days, taking to Twitter on Monday night to let fans know she was ill and posted a photo taken from her bed in a darkened room.

The 'Diamonds' singer wrote: “From dusk til dusk.... Still can't get outta bed! Hating everything right now. (sic)” And being forced to rest alone in her room was not the end of the star’s misery - she was so ill she was unable to talk and struggled to swallow due to pain.

On Sunday night she tweeted: “I hate being sick!! I don't wanna do s**t or talk to anybody right now!!! Can't even swallow, and that's no bueno!! (sic)”

We're sure your Number 1 album will make you feel better Rihanna!

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