Londoners Vent Fury As Tom Cruise 'Kills' Trafalgar Square


Londoners were up in arms on Sunday as one of London’s most famous landmarks, Trafalgar Square was closed off to tourists and shoppers so Tom Cruise could film scenes from latest movie ‘All You Need Is Kill’, according to reports.

All routes in and out of the iconic area of London were in lockdown for more than three hours as Cruise made a spectacular entrance – landing in an RAF Puma helicopter at the foot of Nelson’s Column.

But with only a few shopping weekends left until Christmas and thousands of tourists from Britain and abroad inconvenienced, Tom wasn’t the most popular man in London, reports The Sun. The square and historic routes like Pall Mall, Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue were shut-off from 7.45am – 11am, annoying some of those who were in the capital.

According to The Sun, Louise Allain of Westminster, said: “I wanted to get to Mass this morning but Trafalgar Square was closed.Thanks for nothing, Tom.”

Those who were visiting London were equally aggrieved to have their plans messed up, with Mary Lamont, from Rutland telling the paper: “I can’t believe the whole of central London has been closed just because of a film.”

The capital has become a hotspot for film making in recent years, with Brad Pitt shooting scenes from new movie ‘The Counselor’ in east London, ‘The Sweeney’ involving a shoot-out in Trafalgar Square and ‘Skyfall’ including scenes shot in Whitehall.

However the paper stated that Londoners would get no direct financial benefit from Cruise shooting thhe movie in their city, as a spokesman for Westminster City Council would only say that: “It raises the profile of the city and is good for tourism.”

‘All You Need Is Kill’ will follow Cruise as he battles to save the world from aliens while stuck in a time loop.

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