London 2012: Prince William Praises Kate Middleton's Sporty Skills

29 July 2012
Splash News
Splash News

Prince William may not think much of his own sporting skills, but the Royal was quick to heap praise upon his gorgeous wife Kate Middleton!

Prince William explained that he was a TERRIBLE footballer to the folks at Female First, likening himself to a "giraffe on ice" - although he admitted it was less embarrassing than watching his brother Prince Harry "cheat" when racing 100 metres champion Usain Bolt!

"Watching me on the football field is never a pretty sight - the expression 'giraffe on ice' springs to mind... However, it is marginally less embarrassing than seeing my brother cheat his way to becoming the fastest man on the planet."

However Prince William, who dotes upon his gorgeous wife Kate Middleton, adorably praised the fashionable Royal for her sporting prowess:

"Catherine, on the other hand, with a tennis racquet or a hockey stick is something to behold and be aware of."

We BET she is William!

The fab Royal trio will be seen attending Olympic events throughout London 2012, with Prince Harry rumoured to be in attendance at the Women's Beach Volleyball, Prince William at the water polo and Kate Middleton at the hockey.

They're a credit to Team GB, aren't they?

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