Little Mix Star Jesy Nelson Can’t Wait To Earn ‘A Bit Of Money’ For Her Mum


Little Mix star Jesy Nelson is really excited about the group’s success with their debut album DNA, not only to see it do well, but to earn some money but not to splurge on champagne, fast cars and designer clobber, but to help buy somewhere for her mother.

The 21-year-old ‘Wings’ singer has revealed that her mum actually wants to run her own tea rooms in Cornwall, so she’s desperate to help get that plan off the ground.

In an interview with We Love Pop magazine, Jesy said: ''I want to buy my mum a house in Cornwall. She wants a little tea room on the beach, with a little flat above.

''So, fingers crossed, if we do earn a bit of money, I'm getting her that straight away.''

But while Jesy seems like she’d be up for ‘best daughter of the year’ award, we’re not sure how her mum would feel after Jesy revealed that she’s got a big crush on X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

In the recent interview they were asked what question they would like to really ask Simon, and Jesy said: ''Can you take my mum on a date? She fancies him. All the older ladies fancy him!''

Bet your mum appreciates that Jesy!

Little Mix go goth for DNA signing...

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